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I’m often asked about what my personal self-care routine is for maintaining my mental health. I’m happy to share, although, I encourage you to develop a self-care routine that is unique to you. It’s essential for people to live with their own authenticity and I don’t feel my personal self-care journey should be viewed as a recipe that will work for you. However, I hope some of it resonates with you.

For me, sleep is extremely important. Although I definitely can burn the candle at both ends, I try to be very aware of how much sleep I get. I do my best to take care of myself and try not to get sick, and getting ample sleep plays a big role in both.

Another thing that’s really important for my self-care is self-reinforcement. The way that I self-reinforce is by doing things I like to do. I really enjoy going to the theater, so I do it as often as possible. If you follow me on social media, I regularly post playbills of the plays I see.

Going to see a play or a musical nurtures my soul and makes me happy. I enjoy different kinds of theater, Broadway, off-Broadway, musicals, and dramas. Sometimes, I even go to interactive theater productions, which also makes me very happy. Going to the theater gives me the self-care I need. It allows me to take my mind off of other things that are going on in my head. Movies provide the same kind of escape and self-care for me, so I like to do that as well.

Good weather provides self-care for me. I love going for long walks, listening to music and being with people that I find engaging and interesting.

Socializing is something that I find very nurturing and important for my journey towards rejuvenation. Exercise can be rejuvenating as well. It can be any kind of exercise that gets me moving around and feeling good. Over the course of my life, I have tried and experienced many different kinds of exercises. They make me feel like I’m taking care of the vessel that I was given. I think it’s important for me and the people that care about me that I take care of the vessel that I was given.

Again, I don’t think that my self-care routine is a recipe that will necessarily work for everybody. However, I hope it helps as a launching pad to give you some ideas about what avenues to explore. If it doesn’t, I suggest you look into your own journey to find the importance for self-care in your life. I do believe self-care is extremely important for achieving life satisfaction.

Originally published on Quora.


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