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Dr. Jennifer Guttman is a renowned clinical psychologist with thirty years of interactions, training patients and audiences on how to live their best lives.  Backed by years of experience, her new book “Beyond Happiness: The 6 Secrets of Lifetime Satisfaction” outlines 6 specific techniques people can use to develop the right mindset and create sustainable happiness at work, in relationships, with family members, as parents, as leaders, for personal development, or even recovering from grief.

Tailored to your specific industry or focus, Dr. Guttman can address your audience by teaching these 6 proven techniques:

  1. Avoid assumptions– learn to have agency in any situation instead of acting based on what you imagine other people are thinking or feeling about you, reducing our innate negativity bias.
  2. Reduce people pleasing behaviors– don’t default to putting the needs and desires of others ahead of your own. This enables you to live an authentic life.
  3. Face your fears – learn to not let your fears prevent you from working toward and achieving your goals, resulting in more self-efficacy and self-respect.
  4. Make decisions – take action more easily by recognizing that almost every decision we settle on is, at best, just a well-informed guess, eliminating decision paralysis.
  5. Closing – Acknowledge that starting is easy, but closing is hard – following through on what we start, no matter how difficult, will lead to self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-respect.
  6. Active Self-Reinforcement – Reward yourself for consistently executing any of the other five techniques. You will make the cognitive shift from aspiring to gain and needing praise, rewards, and reassurance from others to appreciating the profound value of giving those things to yourself by focusing on self-care.

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Beyond Happiness by Dr. Jennifer Guttman