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One of the greatest problems I see in my patients is they’ve lost the ability to believe that they can accomplish their goals. Then, gradually, they have let go of their goals altogether, leaving them feeling aimless and unproductive. Without a sense of effectiveness in the world, human beings cannot find sustainable contentment.

Active self-reinforcement is essential because I strive to send my patients back out into the world knowing they only need themselves to stay successful in the long term. Through a cycle of execution and reinforcement, they can continually strengthen their new practices until they’re ingrained in their psyches and have become their new normal. You can do the same. In this video, I explain how active self-reinforcement is an essential component in helping you evaluate your life with a clear understanding.


A Path to Sustainable Life Satisfaction

I invite you to my new YouTube web video series documenting how I help people master their lives by utilizing six empowering components.

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Originally published on Medium.