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Do you ever replay a scenario in your head and then get hung up on what you think is going to happen next? You are not alone. Overthinking can lead to making assumptions that can take a toll on anyone’s life.

It is important to remember we are not mind readers, yet we make these assumptions in an attempt to control outcomes. We believe that if we can anticipate what other people are going to do, then we can be one step ahead of them. We also do this because we don’t like being afraid of not knowing what another person is thinking or what they may do next. This has a domino effect that leads us to make decisions about how to act based on guesswork. In this video, I explain in more detail why we make assumptions and discuss several ways how to avoid them.

Dr. Jennifer Guttman’s is a leading clinical psychologist and cognitive-behaviorist. “Her “Path To Sustainable Life Satisfaction” web series (on Youtube) is based on techniques theories and constructs that she has researched, developed and refined through interaction with her clients.

 After more than two decades honing her craft as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Guttman launched her new brand platform Sustainable Life Satisfaction and companion web series “A Path To Sustainable Life Satisfaction,” which is designed to motivate and assist individuals in believing in their personal effectiveness in the world.

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Originally published on Thrive Global.