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My mission is to use my experience, expertise, voice and pen to help people realize there is “a path to sustainable life satisfaction through a belief in your inherent lovability.” “Sustainable Life Satisfaction” SLS® is based on theories that I have researched and developed from cognitive-behavior therapy and refined over my 20 years of interaction with clients. My brand of therapy and therapeutic success is based on the precept that the majority of people do not have an inherent belief in their likeability or loveability. Therapy isn’t for everybody; however, if you’re motivated, you are the only tool necessary because you are the change agent. With life satisfaction comes an ability to conquer inner fears of inadequacy and the profound discovery and trust in your “inherent loveability.” In order to reinforce this concept, I utilize a number of SLS® techniques and strategies including starting is easy, closing is hard, decision-making, facing fears, reducing people-pleasing behaviors, avoiding assumptions, and active self-reinforcement. These techniques assist individuals in believing in their personal effectiveness in the world, as well as giving them a sense of personal control of outcomes to the best of their ability.ly digital series (which was launched in October 2017) is available for viewing on Youtube

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